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Working with Strings... a few things to remember
Logistics: The only things we ask our clients to provide is four straight chairs without arms, and adequate  space in which to perform. Ideally, a space measuring approximately 12’x 6’ is perfect for our  quartet. Please keep in mind that as well as four people, we need room for instruments, music  stands, and a fair amount of space for bows to move.  We can adapt to fit into smaller spaces  where necessary, but please don't put four chairs together in a straight line and assume they will  fit.    
For all events being held outdoors we do require that shelter be  provided in case of inclement weather.  Due to the fragile nature  of these fine instruments, they cannot be exposed to rain, ocean  spray or the full intensity of the summer sun.  
With prior notice, we can bring lights for our music stands, if your event is  going to be held in the evening or in a darkened hall.  
Options:  The StoweHaven Strings normally perform as a string quartet; 2 violins, viola and cello, but they  can also appear in other groupings as needed.  A flute is often substituted for the first violin to give  the ensemble a richer diversity of color.  For more intimate settings the ensemble can appear as a  trio; violin, viola & cello.    The quartet is also regularly augmented with additional solo instruments such as trumpet, harp,  organ or euphonium.  Our trumpet and string quartet is very popular with those who prefer the  elegant sound of strings for their wedding, but still want the triumphant sound of brass for the  processional and recessional.  For those who wish to have vocal music as well, we can work with  your soloist or provide one as needed.